Thursday, May 12, 2011

T-shirt designing!

So it was quite a while ago that I tried my hand as some t-shirt designing. I'm a huge fan of Threadless Tees and thought I'd quite like a go at submitting something of my own. At the time I had a brief version of photoshop available to me. My aunt, who is a photoshop guru, came over and helped me out with making sure it all fit with the Threadless guidelines and I submitted my design.

It didn't even get considered. The immediate response was "Go back and try again. Re-read our guidelines."

I shrugged it off and wrote it up to not having a full version of photoshop nor a full grasp of the program and how to use it.

Well now I've taken my design course, have the swish CS5 Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Flash and no good excuse not to work on some designs again. I've just been playing around for now, testing the waters and getting a feel for the specs of Threadless design.

Here is my first mock-up. It needs a bit more work but for two hours of mucking about I'm quite pleased with the result!
I've got a few other ideas I'm batting around in my head. I'm going to get on with them in the next few weeks, as a distraction from all my gallery plans when they start to feel a bit overwhelming.

It's nice to have little projects to dabble in.

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