Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nigel the Marzipan Dragon

My C3 and C4 vertebrae are being pulled to one side due to poor posture as a result of too much time spent in front of a computer or leaning forward to paint a canvas. This, combined with the fact that I grind or clench my teeth when sleeping, has resulted in a five day headache. After a trip to the Physiotherapist I was told that the combination of injuries from my car accident two years ago, my jaw stress and tilt of my head is pinching a nerve and causing my suffering. In short, I need to take a break from the computer screen and canvas. Admittedly, this is something extremely difficult for me to do as I hate feeling lazy and I was quite looking forward to painting as much as possible this weekend. The universe is telling me to take a break, relax my muscles, and work on my posture.

But I was able to make something marvellous out of marzipan yesterday. This is Nigel, the Marzipan Dragon. Like all Marzipan creatures his one desire in life is to be consumed. Together with some lemon loaf he made a delightful dessert.
I think marzipan is one of the most magical substances I have ever encountered. Not only is it fantastic for sculpting, but it's also incredibly scrummy. If you can get your hands on some I really think you should and definitely have a go at making a dragon...or some other critter.


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