Thursday, January 6, 2011

Breaking The Habit - Kait's Mixtape

Resolutions are hooey. I figure, if you're going to improve yourself, you can do it anytime. I got this thought stuck in my head as I was traveling on the tube listening to my iPod. Linkin Park's 'Breaking The Habit' began to play. Somehow in the transfer of all my music files from my PC to my Mac, several files went missing. I've not re-set my iPod yet as a result and a good thing too, because this is one of those songs that cropped up and made me realise it's currently missing from my OCD playlist.

To make up for having not listened to this song in ages I listened to it for the remainder of my journey, including the walk from the tube station to my house. Once inside I put it on the stereo and gave it three more goes.

Thing is, this song has a really good point, or it does to me anyway.

I don't know why I get myself worked up into a froth about silly things, or why I push myself to do so much when there are only so many hours in the day. I don't know why I gripe about the same things sometimes, harping on an irritation from my necessary day job. I don't know why I let myself get stuck when I know it's my own doing...

It's important to remember that the way we think is as much of a habit as the things we do. I get up and brush my teeth everyday because it's built in as a routine. I work myself up into a froth because I've made it a routine. But habits can be broken, especially when acknowledge them. And what better time to break a habit than right now? Tonight, even?

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