Saturday, January 22, 2011

London Journal - Art Everywhere

I love walking in London. The weather here is quite cold and grey in the winter, but occasionally the sun will come out and the urge for me to stretch my legs and wander the streets is impossible to ignore. I love hopping onto a double-decker bus, going to the top, and watching the world go by until I reach a place where I know I'm comfortable walking distance from some final destination. Or when I've spent the day going here and there and I've got a window of time to myself where I know I can easily walk to my next obligatory stop. This walk could be half an hour or two hours, but it always proves to be a fun result.

It's not just people watching, which I love, and it's not just the freedom of being outdoors in golden winter light under a bright, blue sky. It's the discovery of it all. I love coming around a corner and encountering some magnificent piece of graffiti on the side of a building. Or I'll see a stunning sculpture from afar and the closer I get the more excited I become. I discover little architectural gems or almost unnoticeable street art and it fills me with absolute joy.

I've said it before, the streets of London are an art gallery unto themselves.

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