Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Recently I was "chatting" with a friend. I put this is quotes as it was conducted through a series of messages sent periodically over a few days. Such is the state of most conversations I have with friends in Calgary.

We were discussing dreams and the idea of ripples; those little things that wriggle into our lives when we're least expecting them. Sometimes they're subtle, like a small pebble being dropped. Sometimes it's as if a large stone has been heaved in, causing a monumental splash and ripples that echo off of each other as they reach the shore.

What I appreciated most about this exchange was her description of an individual as a pond with things hidden below the surface and the way things show above as to what is below. It stayed with me and I have found myself journalling on the matter, the idea of ripples filling my head.

Art is a reflection of self and I think the reason I may have been struggling lately is because I've been approaching my work from a purely technical perspective. I've forgotten about using it to express all the things running through my head. It's merely about technique and style, not about the heart of the artist behind it.

I like that I've got four canvases in different stages of completion. I especially like how different each one is and that, when I get home from temping, I don't mind that I only have an hour or so to paint. Any time to paint is enough if only because I get to spend some time converting those thoughts in my head into brush strokes and colour.

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