Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yesterday I began a new painting. Unlike my usual stuff I've reduced the scale so the canvas is much smaller than what I normally use.

I'm instantly having fun with it, finding myself inspired to do more textured work. The thing is, I usually document and share the progress of a piece quite thoroughly, but I sort of want to keep this one mysterious. This is unlike me. I often come across other artist's blogs where they give little teasers on what they're working on and avoid sharing progress out of a sense of discomfort or worry.

I'm not uncomfortable sharing my process and I enjoy that people ask me how a certain piece is coming along.

(The Devil is on hold until I get my groove back.)

This new piece feels different though. As my weekend class with Sadie Lee approaches I am becoming more and more aware of all the things I want to learn, all the new directions I can take my work to and all the potential I have left to discover. As this potential is as limitless as I choose to make it, I'm finding myself drawn to working outside my comfort zone more often.

I'm comfortable with large canvases, huge sweeping brush strokes and the methodical step-by-step process of developing a Tarot painting.

Having such a small canvas used to be a hindrance to my ideas. I found myself unable to shrink them to fit and I would end up filling tiny canvases with blotches of bright colours, very little detail and even less imagination. That was ago though, and this is now. As it is, I love finding those uncomfortable places. I seek out the sharp corners of life in everything I do. I take plunges and live with the thought that I'd always rather say I shouldn't have done something than wonder what might have happened if I had.

So why not do it with my art?

Of course, after all this revelation sharing I can't not give you at least a glimpse of what I'm working on. So here it is, a fraction of my newest project. Hopefully, in seeing this, you will feel the same curiosity as I do about where it's going.

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