Thursday, March 6, 2014


When I first embarked upon establishing myself as a graphic designer, I began by finding role models in the industry and researching their trials and tribulations, best practices and general advice for those starting out. One such designer was Von Glitschka, an incredibly talented and diverse designer.

In a training video I found he talked about freelance work and said the work you do will determine the work you get. As in, as one client in a particular industry finds you, soon more will come calling because they liked the example set.

Since starting out I've found myself mostly designing logos for health and nutrition coaches. Some work with families to plan nutritious and affordable meal plans, others work one-on-one with clients looking to lose weight and detox.

Occasionally I get a fellow creative seeking an identity to professionalize their passion - most often these are photographers who want to have a logo to define them without detract from the stunning imagery of their work.

In the case of GQT I was presented with a whole different sort of client: Fashion consultant and personal shopper, Tova Dybvig. Tova has an eye for style and she appreciates how cringe-worthy shopping can be, especially for your average guy. She helps professional men aged 20 - 40 who lack the time and patience needed to pick out a wardrobe that will impress. With minimal effort she can turn the unstylish 'dude' into a gentleman who stands out from the crowd in the best possible way.

I had a lot of fun working on her logo and the final one she chose really emphasizes the classic with a modern twist as it uses the very beautiful but edgy Baskerville 'Q'.

Clothes don't necessarily make the man but they can certainly go a long way when it comes to first impressions. I'm extremely pleased with the result - as pleased as Tova's clients are when they can move from wallflower to eye-catching 'QT'. 

For an eye-catching logo to promote your business, fill in the booking form on my website. 

To get in touch with Tova and find out more about her services visit the GQT Facebook page.

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