Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The talented Ms. Michaelson - Kait's Mixtape

I first discovered Ingrid Michaelson entirely by accident. I mis-clicked when downloading.

What a fortuitous mis-purchase it was as I quickly fell in love with her lyrics, musical talent and voice. She is an incredibly talented woman, able to play a multitude of different instruments from piano to guitar to ukelele and many more. Her voice is rich and tells the story of her lyrics beautifully.

But it is her lyrics that resonate with me the most. From the sensible and helpful 'Keep Breathing' to the empowering moving on lyrics of 'Starting Now', there are few songs of hers which haven't at some point graced my OCD playlist. One, 'The Chain', was on the aforementioned playlist for well over a year and has recently made a reappearance as I always understood the lyrics but was recently living them.

Choosing just one of her lyrics to turn into a typographical bit of artwork was rather difficult as so many of them speak to me. In the end I chose a song which has acted as a therapeutic anthem for me last year.

Ingrid Michaelson
'Sort Of'

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