Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I did my best to use my time in Canada over Christmas as a proper break. I cleared up all my freelance work and made sure I didn't have any personal projects hanging (My website doesn't count and yes, I know it's still not working and I promise I will be sorting that out in the next few weeks - by end of February at the latest) and I could use the sixteen days to decompress. 

I did, however, have one project that came up as a friend of mine is getting married this year and she requested a custom cake topper for the wedding. I was happy to accommodate and my parents kindly picked up some polymer clay for me to get this project done with. 

My brother came around one evening while I was working on the cake toppers and was struck with an idea which he later texted me about. "Could you make a Kerbal?" 

For those of you who are not uber nerds, Kerbals are these little people that live on Kerbin, which is a made-up planet in a space launch computer game. They're quite cute and when a player launches their rocket they can see the expression of the Kerbal aboard in the lower right hand corner of the screen - which acts as a gauge to how successful the launch will be. Unless it's a dumb Kerbal, in which case they always have a look of general glee on their faces, even if the rocket they're riding is about to explode mid-launch. 

So I made my brother one of these rather oblivious Kerbals. It was good fun as they're a great shape for polymer clay. There was no worry about the legs being too weak or the structure collapsing during the baking process. 

He was chuffed. 

My polymer Kerbal!

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