Tuesday, January 7, 2014

London Journal - 4 years

Today is the fourth anniversary of my arrival in London. I'm pretty tired as I write this due to jet lag and moving house the day after my return from Canada, so apologies if this entry seems a little uninspired. I've had a pretty full-on weekend.

Four years ago my arrival was marked with much the same curiosity, apprehension and excitement as it is now. I'm in a new home, establishing my own safe space, re-establishing the friendship I have with myself and focussing on the moment as much as possible. Just waiting to see what will happen next and remaining open to possibilities.

I have a few plans for the month, including a revamp of my website. To anyone who has had problems with images loading: I know. It's because it's mid-redesign and the site builder I use doesn't 'remember' anything that's been shuffled around.

I'm not setting myself hard deadlines at the moment unless I'm doing client work. This is mostly to allow me time to de-stress and disentangle. Work is a nice routine and I welcome it as a way to focus my mind.

I have a different direction I'd like to take the freelance side of what I do. Having a full-time job definitely gives me the freedom to explore my art without pressure to 'make money'.
The Rockies - I can't look at them without
feeling like I'm home.

While I was in Canada my mum organized a private book signing amongst friends and family. The most common question was: "When is the next one coming out?" so I've also been considering which manuscript to tackle next in preparation for publication.

I'm not sure enough yet to give a specific date but I'm feeling a r
enewed sense of energy now that my living situation is sorted.

I have a few things yet to do to set the space up suitably, but it already feels like home. The concept of which has been changing greatly. I believe that home is very much a space residing within us. When we are at home we are comfortable, safe and at peace with ourselves as we are - warts and all.

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