Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What if...

In January I took the decision to quit my job. I was working in administration for a charity - on the fundraising team. It was something I was good at but I didn't enjoy it. I decided to take the plunge into freelance design, to see what would happen. It was better than the alternative: Continuing to work somewhere that made me extremely unhappy as it didn't use my skills and talents effectively.

Today I am employed as an In-House designer for a charity. I'm building a freelance career (slowly, but surely). I published a book.

Today, when someone asks me: "What do you do?", I am happy to tell them. 

It is a conversation I enjoy because what I do and who I am match up. I'm not merely doing something for the sake of a paycheque. I'm doing something that I love, that I'm good at, that I'm getting better at every day.

This comic is about that. Things are still developing and the future is always going to be unknowable. But if you'd asked me in January if I expected, within just three months, to be able to tell people that what I 'do' and what brings me immense joy would be one and the same, I'd have been doubtful.

In short, taking the plunge is always worth it because the alternative is never knowing.

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