Thursday, August 8, 2013

From start to finish - a logo's journey

I think understanding the creative process in a design project can help people to understand just what it is I can do for them as a designer. 

Recently I was hired to do a logo for GOSH food. 'GOSH' stands for Gourmet Organic Simpler Healthy food and works holistically with individuals and families to cater to their specific nutritional needs. It's a small business that's begun to pick up speed. I specialise in providing design services to small businesses and start-ups so GOSH food fit my niche perfectly. The client was happy for me to share the development of their logo on my blog. 

After a chat with the client and receiving a completed brief, I put together some concepts. 

The client reviewed them and fed back, choosing the apple from concept #2 but with revisions. 

Concept #1 made the cut and was further refined. 

Once again, Concept #1 was chosen and a few minor tweaks were made to get the logo exactly as the client wanted it:

The final product!
In a final email from the client following delivery of the logo with guidelines, she said: "People loved it and I am so happy."

As a designer that's how I measure the success of my work. 

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