Monday, July 15, 2013


Following the print publication of Wise at any Age I have thrown myself into converting my book into an ePub. Arguably, it works better as a paper copy given the 'hands-on' approach I present.

*As an aside, I am thrilled by all the posts and messages I've been getting from people showing me how they are using Wise at any Age - Love to see it being scribbled in and noted upon.

My mum with her copy of Wise at any Age
One would think she was quite proud, no? 
But I know that there are those of you who prefer an eReader and are unlikely to ever purchase a paper copy of any book ever again. I also know that it's a good way to get the book out there - spread the love, so to speak - given that it broadens the scope of where it can be seen and by whom.

So I plug along with it. But I unfortunately can't give you a release date.

At the moment it's been validated according to all the work I did on it in InDesign and what I've been able to export from that end. But now comes the second bit, which involves editing the actual code of the ePub as an HTML document.

Lost me there? Don't worry, I hardly understand it myself just yet. But I'm working on it, diligently.

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