Thursday, July 18, 2013

Genuine Appreciation

In Wise at any Age there's a section at the back where I've thanked some of the key people who helped me as I wrote, edited, and designed the book. I titled this section 'Genuine Appreciation'. Being genuine is about being completely honest and open and the appreciation I feel for so many is more than a simple sense of gratitude. It's an incredibly profound awareness that I wouldn't be the Creative Polymath I am without the love and support of so many.

As it is, I've got some more Genuine Appreciation to spread around because I've been getting some really brilliant love and support since the release of my book.

I want to thank Jana, the think-tank behind Ladies Who Impress, who wrote this smashing blog entry about me and has also given Wise at any Age a review. She's an incredible ball of energy who seems capable of anything and everything she puts her mind to so praise from someone like her is a bit humbling.

Some uber geek with my book...
I also want to thank Natalie, who stars in the video of my book release and who recently finished reading her own copy. She posted an amazing review, which emphasizes why I wrote the book in the first place. I wrote it to be loved, drawn in, explored, argued with, and thought about. Thus far the feedback I've had has shown me that it's doing all these things. I wrote the book to make people think, to challenge their ideas of how to cultivate wisdom and who is capable of it. That she enjoyed it so much and has made it her own with scribbles in the margins means so much to me.

Thank you again to everyone who continues to make this book more than I imagined. For me it was enough just to have something I'd written in paper form, bound and ready to share with the world. The fact that so many of you are enjoying reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together is like gold dust on top of an already amazing dream come true.

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