Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Ineffable - Something that cannot be described in words. 

Since I can remember I have written. I have filled over 40 journals since the age of six. I have completed seven manuscripts, including one last November during National Novel Writing Month. I have always been and always will be a writer. 

Telling me to keep writing is like reminding me to breath. 

To be a published author has been my dream. It has been the only thing I've consistently wanted since the age of five. 

Today the proof copy of my first published book was waiting for me when I got home. 

Follow your dreams. Turn them into goals. Make them real. 

The feeling is ineffable but you'll know it when it happens to you. 

Holding my very first published book for the very first time

No idea how amazing it is to see my name on the spine

Fully illustrated and laid out with much care over the past few months

I'm extremely happy with the cover - which I redesigned about
a dozen times before landing on this. 

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