Thursday, June 6, 2013

General update post!

Apparently I'm on a roll when it comes to shoes. I bought this lovely pair for myself whilst in Canada back in April. I put them in a drawer and promised to spend some of the time in Japan coming up with inspiration for a design. I'm quite chuffed with the outcome.

Got a little ego boost this past weekend when one of my clients sent me this shiny testimonial:

"Kaitlyn created my twitter header and background. What seemed like a small project was actually a thoughtful and an incredibly helpful process of defining me and my brand, assisted by a very original and clever questionnaire I had to fill as an initial briefing. It made me think of so many different aspects of visual imagery and subtleties of design that one small art project became a proactive exercise in empowering my brand."

This was from the organiser of 'Ladies Who Impress'. The next event is coming up on June 17th and will feature Jenny Dawson, the founder of Rubies in the Rubble, Katherine Grainger, a British rower who won Gold at the 2012 London Olympics and Xiaolu Guo, a writer, filmmaker and storyteller. You can get tickets through the website. 

And the epub research for 'Wise at Any Age' is coming along nicely thanks to I'm still flip flopping on whether to publish what I have right now or wait until I can launch both the ebook and print version at the same time.  

Generally I think the decision will boil down to just how easy/fast it is to turn what I currently have into ePub material. Regardless, watch this space for news on the release of my book! 

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