Thursday, February 17, 2011

On the Bus

When taking the bus in London it is ideal to have a route with a double-decker. My heard sinks a little when a regular bus pulls up to a stop. There is nothing quite so fun as climbing those stairs and finding that front seat available. Perched up so high it sometimes feels as though the bus will tip when it swings around a corner.

It's the best view. From my perch in front of those huge windows I can take in the world. When I have spare time to get somewhere I'll often opt to take the bus, rather than going underground. I happily view London from above and am almost always a little sad to reach my destination.

At the moment the best way for my to get to my writing course is by bus. The route it brilliant. We loop past Victoria station, Green Park, Hyde Park corner and go straight up to Marble Arch. There are so many marvelous sights along the way. This week I was able to snap a shot of this brilliant art instalment. As the days are growing longer the light is better for me to take pictures on this route. I have a few other bits of art and some stunning architectural things I plan on capturing in the next two weeks.

London is an art gallery.

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