Sunday, February 6, 2011

Being a Twit

I've been using Twitter for about two years now. Initially I was quite dubious about it.I figured that Twitter would just be a constant Facebook status stream and given that so many people use their status for voyeuristic purposes - for which I simply don't have time - I couldn't see the point. But it kept coming up as more and more people started tweeting and eventually I signed up with the mind to use it only for promoting my art. Since then I've come to understand that Twitter is a global conversation through which connections can be made, ideas shared and services rendered.

Recently I was tweeting with a fellow artist who let me know about how he likes to send art in the post to people. We got to tweeting about how he does it and yesterday I got this lovely round 'post card' through the letterbox.

I'm hugely excited to send him something of mine and I love that I can exchange art and ideas with fellow creatives all over the planet. I do think there is a noticeable decline in our ability to relate person to person as a result of the interweb and texting, but by doing these little things which involve personal detail and attention we can continue to have a real connection with all the people we share the planet with.

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