Saturday, February 26, 2011


There is no arguing about the meaning of this card. Justice is about balance, pure and simple. Balance is something taught in many spiritual practices and something I believed in long before I realised I was a Buddhist.

This card is a reflection of the spiritual self and the physical self. Scales and a sword are always used in its symbolism, to depict the noble fight to balance all aspects of our existence.

I chose a Gryphon for this card as it is a mythological creature which often represents both strength and wisdom. There is a lot of self discipline required to find balance in our lives. It is with the wisdom of our experience that we are able to adjust the scales so we maintain a sense of harmony in all things.
I learned a lot about strength and wisdom prior to starting this project. I learned the importance of never giving too much of yourself away but knowing how and when to ask for help. Maintaining balance in our lives is a never ending process through which we are constantly learning and able to grow.

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