Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Emperor

I'm absolutely in love with how the background worked on this one. I was going for a semi-foggy look, sort of dark and menacing and full of magic. I think it turned out perfectly and I'm so happy that the energy and inspiration from completing the Empress card carried over into this one. I started them about the same time and finished them within three days of each other, which is brilliant.
As of right now I no longer have wall space in my howse, so I'm taking steps to get these 'out there'. I've submitted them to the Oolong tea house (Fingers crossed!) and if you keep watching my Blog I'll soon have the option of purchasing my artwork through Etsy/Paypal on here.
I bow down to my Buddhist teacher and thank her for all the swift kicks to the bottom which have fueled this motivation.

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  1. I think I require a chair with ram horns on it like that.


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