Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Library!

So I stumbled across the most fantastic contest ever. Fantastic because it allows for full artistic creativity and it's being put on by the library so the focus is books.

The requirement?

Create an original piece of art in any medium that celebrates literature, books or the library.


So I set about painting about a month ago. I took a self portrait shot and did my first ever attempt at painting my Wolfy-Self-Portrait. It was really very fun as I prefer to do fur with pencil crayon, but the end result with acrylic wasn't half bad. I'm excited to submit it and really don't care whether or not I win because the experience itself was fantastic and something new for me so either way I've grown as an artist.

I'm in Edmonton currently but plan to take it in when I get back to Calgary on Thursday.

I'm submitting it to be included in the fundraising auction that will be held following the competition, so if anyone is interested in supporting the library and purchasing it, I'll keep info on the how/when/where here.


  1. Geez, that is an awesome contest... and a great painting too! I love the little quote on the side (although my best friends are comic books - hee hee!).

    What exactly is the prize for this contest? Or is it just for fund raising?

  2. *glee* I just realized I have actual comments on some of my posts! This has never happened before, which is why my reply to you is so very delayed.
    $1000 to the selected winners and then your art piece is included in an auction and 70% of the profits go to the artist.


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