Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Nature of an Artist

Since a very young age I have aspired to create fantastic art. My brother and dad are incredible at sketching something quickly and efficiently and by watching them I was able to learn a lot about proportions and shading. My brother drew dinosaurs and my dad drew planes...I drew dragons. I would take sheets of paper and tape them end to end so they encircled my entire room in a long, thin poster. Each sheet had a different dragon on it. Any dragon at all was fair game for me to experiment with my techniques. I evolved the shading of muscles or the tilt and turn of a twisting body, the life given to an eye through a shiny spot...and I learned a lot.

No matter how uninspired I may be feeling I am always able to sit down and sketch out a dragon, any dragon. This is my root of art...the initial step I took towards discovering my potential.
Tattoo by Karrie Arthurs of BlackBirdCustomStudios.com

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