Monday, September 15, 2008

Clay Figurines

I chose to do a claymation for my animation. This is because I've always loved claymation and because I'm a natural sculptor. Sculpting is one of those talents I was just born with and I knew I'd be able to portray my animation best through the medium of Plasticine. I did character sketches of what i was going to create, something I normally would never waste my time on because I create best in the initial thing I make. Trying to remodel and trying to duplicate just doesn't work for me. However, the development of the characters sketches allowed for me to explore the character design and feel quite a bit more.
I posted photos of my completed figurines and quote suddenly was bombarded with requests for them. One such request came from Newsboy of X92.9FM here in Calgary. He commissioned me to create a figurine likeness of himself as a coyote and I set to work. I really like the end result and apparently he does too, having made it his Facebook profile picture.
I plan on continuing to make these figures and depending on the size and accessories they will cost anywhere between $40 and $75.

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