Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thank you!

I'd like to thank everyone who popped down to Oolong in December to see Lyn's and my pieces. I'm immensely grateful to everyone who purchased an original. It means so much to have my work appreciated by others. 

I create it for myself, to deepen my understanding of the Dharma and help me be a kinder, more generous and compassionate person in the world. To have my artwork appreciated by others is icing on top of the joy I get from sharing my creativity. 

I will be adding more to the Dharma series this year and am excited to keep sharing pieces with you through this blog and my Facebook page and Twitter account. 

A great crowd came out of the evening 
Feeling pretty spiffy to be having another exhibition. My third in five years.  
A very happy customer with her original piece. 

The artist and the photographer, pleased as punch and immensely grateful for all the support. 

If you'd like to order a print of any of the pieces you can do so through my website: 

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