Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Beautiful hand tooled, hand painted leather masks...

... now available for purchase!

Several months ago I decided to try my hand at making masks out of leather. I've often admired such work done by others and wanted a leather mask of my own. Being a polymath and an artists I had it stuck in my head that I'd rather not buy such a thing if I could make one for myself. I always prefer to try making something myself before going to someone else for it - so I began to do some research.

I discovered, through the glory of YouTube, that there was an abundance of handy tutorials so I set about collecting the necessary supplies and gave it a go.

As a creative polymath I've never felt restricted to a single medium. I've been criticized for not specializing but the idea of using only one medium bores and terrifies me. This is why I sculpt, paint and sketch.

Well, leather mask making requires all three. From sketching the initial design to sculpting the leather to adding life and vibrancy with paint, there is not one bit of it I don't enjoy immensely, as those of you who follow my Facebook page will note.

Since I took my first tentative steps into it late in the summer of last year I have made eighteen masks in total. I've so enjoyed coming up with various designs, using suggestions from friends, family, and fans on my Facebook page, and from my own ideas and inspirations.

I am thrilled to be able to offer these up to the world now - to enjoy and wear at costume parties, Mardi Gras festivals and carnivals.

I'm happy to customize the colours and of course take on other designs, so if my shop doesn't have something you'd like just contact me through the 'Hire' page on my website and we can work together to get you the very mask you'd like most.

Thank you for all your support over these past months! It's been very encouraging to have so many wonderful compliments on what has been a totally self-taught project. I'm excited to add to the collection of designs and look forward to sharing even more with the world.

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