Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Butterfly mask

I've done a butterfly mask already but wanted to do a slightly different design for it to provide a bit of variety. The butterfly design is interesting because it's one where the actual template is quite easy but the labour comes in when tracing it out and especially when painting the details of the lines. 

I'm really pleased with both the butterflies I've created and when my masks are officially available for sale (VERY soon!) I am happy to customize the colour according to what my customers want. So this is just an example of one I could do. Obviously any butterfly (or moth) can be made and I'm quite eager to work with people in creating custom designs that mean they'll have a one of a kind creation that speaks to their personality. 

The initial tracing results. 

First coat of blue - wasn't the right intensity for me though. 

Much better!

The final product! 

Made to order. :) 

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