Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A lovely swallow

Another of my art nouveau animal designs! 

Sourcing an effective way of providing these as prints is difficult. Whilst I am full-time employed in a creative job my job is in a specific charity, so most of what I post on here is posted as a 'starving artist'.

In the future I can see my art sustaining me entirely, between the freelance design work and this sort of stuff, but at the moment the demand is sporadic so I can't just go around ordering a bunch of cards and prints easily. No storage, no guarantee of sales and my time is stretched so shipping orders would be added pressure on my already very full schedule.

That being said, I have been posting a bunch of my designs to my Zazzle shop for some months now and finally sold something a few weeks ago. Whilst the downside is that the minimal or rather, non-existent sales, mean I'm not exactly turning a profit, Zazzle DOES do all the printing, packing and delivery for me. People can order many different products with the same design. I only see 10% but then, they're doing all the 'grunt' work and I got the joy of designing something just because I could.

I'm not certain if I will take my non-digital works and post them to Zazzle as well. I know it's probably the most straight forward solution but I don't mind doing the work and the research to find out what else I might be able to use.

Keep watching my blog and my website and Facebook page. I'll keep you posted on when these and other bits I've been drawing will be available for purchase either as the originals or as prints.

And if anyone has any ideas or tips for other ways to get prints done up I'd love to hear them!

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