Tuesday, February 18, 2014

P!nk so gets me - Kait's Mixtape


I've been a big fan of P!nk for a long time. Her girl-rock-fuck-you attitude translates beautifully into music that motivates, invigorates and validates. 

I've had more than one of her songs on my OCD playlist at any given time. I remember the satisfaction I got from listening to 'So What' and 'Cuz I Can' as therapy following a broken-heart. Both she and Sarah McLachlan released albums  within weeks of each other full of lyrics about the emotional roller coaster of being dumped. Alanis Morissette is another one who's really damn good at being honest about heartbreak in her lyrics.

The saccharine 'Woe is Me' heartbroken lyrics of so many songs just grate on my nerves. There's this downtrodden sense of loss and ridiculous ideologies like 'I'm not whole without you' or 'how can I not just walk in circles without my other half?'

P!nk's lyrics certainly carry a level of honesty with them when it comes to heartbreak. She is a strong, resilient woman and this comes through in her music.

She talks about picking herself up, dusting herself off, and possibly flipping the bird to the person who hurt her IF she can be bothered to even give them the time of day - because she's got a life to live and she's gonna go and get on with that. She might hurt and she might be angry or upset or disappointed but she's not about to wallow.

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