Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Full-time work means that my blogging has been greatly reduced - at least whilst I sort out my schedule and what I'm doing in my 'free' time. I have a lot of freelance projects on the go and they take priority after the day job.

It's funny referring to it as the day job though. Unlike all my past jobs this isn't merely something that pays the bills. This is me actually in a position that uses the skills I love and allows me to express myself creatively. I love it, truly, and look forward to Mondays!

That being said, I'm still getting loads of other stuff done on evenings and weekends.

Aside from branding work for a few clients, I've recently been approached to do some more shoe designs. I've not done custom shoes for clients for some time so it's a nice change. The bonus is that shoe design gets me away from a computer screen. My eyes appreciate the break and my hands love working with brushes and pens rather than a mouse all the time.

Both shoe designs will be given as gifts so I am unable to post progress photos as my clients want them to remain secret, of course. Once they have been delivered and gifted I promise to share both designs.

In the mean time, if you'd like to see a bit of what I'm up to you can visit my shop! I've been drawing a lot lately and turning my drawings into designs for various products. I'll continue to upload more in the coming weeks so drop by my shop regularly to see what's new.

Also - if there is a particular design you'd like to see leave a comment or post your thoughts to my Facebook page. I love new ideas and am always up for taking requests.

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