Thursday, February 21, 2013

Only three weeks left

The Graphic Design course I'm taking at Saint Martin's is nearing the end and the briefs are becoming more complex. The latest brief we've been given doesn't require a complete or near complete product for next week but rather a prepared concept and materials for us to model our design.

The task is to create a water bottle - either the bottle and label or just the labelling itself, that pushes the boundaries of designing for this product that is available so very widely. I've begun my concept sketches and have a few ideas, one inspire by the request of my partner to conceive of a bottle that a rower could use, as rowing is a huge part of her life.

I've decided to rise to the challenge having been briefed on the key features she and her team look for in water bottles.
1) It needs to be able to be slipped into the waistband of spandex leggings without sliding down into the crotch or along one leg.

2) It mustn't be able to roll around as it will likely spend a lot of time on the bottom of the boat.

And possibly, most importantly for the London rower, but probably a consideration regardless of which body of water you're rowing on,
3) It must have a lid that is easy to remove BUT creates a solid seal all the way around the opening where you put your mouth to keep Thames water from touching it.

I'm happy to sketch away at this. Indeed, I'd already completed one sketch with a label and bottle shape idea before the class was ended. How I'm going to model it, however, is my next challenge. At least I've got a week to sort that out.

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