Monday, February 18, 2013

Money v. Time

My best friend told me a story about a co-worker of hers who was working part-time. This woman had plans to go travelling with her sister - somewhere like South America or backpacking through Europe, I can't recall what it was specifically - so she put in a request for time off. When the schedule was made up her request had been denied and so she simply gave her notice.

I know this might sound reckless. It's easy to argue that jobs are hard to come by and, especially in these economic times, we should be grateful if we have a reliable income and job security. The thing is, even in the toughest of times, there are always jobs. It might not be a job that you like or is particularly stimulating. It might be shelf stacking or washing dishes. It may be the most menial thing you can imagine, but there will be a job anyone can do that you can find.

Time, however, is limited. No one knows how much they have. Life is unpredictable and can change instantly.

This woman appreciated that travelling with her sister was more important than a part-time job. Seeing the world, spending time with someone she loves, and making new discoveries were more important to her than whatever she might earn if she didn't take that trip.

Unless earning money is your bliss, don't make money the reason why you take a job or don't go on a trip or pass up an opportunity to study something new. 

And just because, here's a video clip of a heron I saw the other day. 

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