Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Change the World

You may have already noticed this clever Meme making it's circulation on your Facebook Wall or Twitter feed, if you have such things. Regardless, I wanted to share it because I really love it. Keeping in mind the original sentiment behind 'Keep Calm & Carry On' was actually quite significant at the time. In fact, it was 'raising Hell' for it's day because it was doing the exact opposite of what the enemy wanted or expected to happen.

Times have changed and as we get further removed from how powerful it was to keep living and working in a city that was being bombed nightly, we tend to become more apathetic to how we live our lives. I find more and more often that there are a lot of people just towing the line on what they think they should or shouldn't do. I think the people at Papersaurus (to credit the clever creator of the design) are really onto something.

It's fine to remain calm in times of chaos, but what about when things are so calm they're monotonous? Do you ever feel like your life is carrying on almost without your participation? Like things are just going to keep going on the same path and you might never write that book you've always wanted to or visit that country you've always be interested in or paint that idea you had years ago?

Sometimes our lives need a little shaking up. Sometimes we get stuck doing a job we're good at, but we don't love. Sometimes we need to raise a little Hell, make change happen, and embrace the fact that our lives are ours to live.

The first step to changing the world is to look at yourself and how you're living your own life. You can't expect to change the world by changing other people. You can never hope to change those around you. You can only ever change your own outlook, ideas, and opinions. When you do, it can be scary or even downright terrifying. But it can also be absolutely thrilling.

I know there will be cynics among you. There will be those who think it's all a bit fluffy to talk in abstract and excited terms of change and motivation for the better.

Cynicism is given way too much credit. It's easy to be cynical because it's almost impossible to challenge a cynic. But enthusiasm - living with enthusiasm - now there's a challenge. To go out in the world with energy, ideas and passion is to put yourself at risk of criticism. However, it's worth it. It's worth it because it's also the only way you can expect to change the world. 

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  1. I get into these moments where I figure out I need to just make a drastic change for myself instead of just waiting for it to happen for me, but then sometimes I get into these traps where I feel like the power has left me.


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