Thursday, March 26, 2015

Not *exactly* a London journal entry...

Last year I set my sights on Belfast. I decided I really wanted to finally get there, given I've been living the UK for ages now and it's silly that I've not been to Northern Ireland yet.

It didn't happen last year and I determined that this year I'd definitely get there, for sure - no matter what. I had a few possible weekends when it could happen but have to admit I didn't think the decision to go would come the week before it happened. Oh the joys of spontaneity!

And oh the joy of realising that the Giant's Causeway was only an hour and a bit to drive to from Belfast.

So this past weekend I stomped around Finn McCool's Causeway and delighting in all the vibrant colours of the seaside combined with the absolute wonder of nature.

Not to mention a fantastic educational jaunt to the architecturally majestic Titanic Museum.

Fantastic sculpture depicting unity and peace. 

Love street art like this. 

The very cleverly designed Titanic Museum - it's amazing how much they fit in there. 

Sculpture of Titanica

Street artist's sand sculpture. Very impressive! 


The absolute wonder of the Giant's Causeway

Love the purple seaweed

Stunning. :)

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