Thursday, March 5, 2015

Amazing mask tool!

When I first dove into leather mask making all the people in the instructional videos I was watching talked about having a plastic face mould for shaping the masks with. They proported that they were 'cheap and available at all major craft stores'. As is sometimes the case this was better rounded out with ' the USA'. 

As soon as I began collecting supplies for my new-found and rapidly favourite new art project I discovered that a hard plastic flat-lying face was not to be sourced in the big smoke, nor anywhere else on the island, the neighbouring continent or indeed anywhere outside of the US of A. By the time I did finally find a source that shipped outside the US it was the sort of 'international' shipping that actually meant 'We also ship to Canada'.

Fortunately I happen to spend a lot of time in Canada what with my family and most of my favourite people residing there, so over Christmas I ordered some of these elusive items to be delivered to my parent's house.

Well I FINALLY got to play with them! And the result is amazing! 

Gone are the days when I applied a piece of leather that had recently been immersed in extremely hot water directly to my face to fumble blindly over it in a mirror at close range because one can't wear glasses when one is moulding leather with one's face.

Observe! A wonderful tool to increase my productivity and significantly lower the stickiness and risk of burn that previously plagued my mask making.

All ready for immersing with the semi-eerie white mould awaiting

Ta da! It's the simple things in life that bring me joy

Oh yes, and if you like these masks and you want to support an artist (because contrary to popular belief, we do like eating) you can buy them through my site! 

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