Thursday, August 14, 2014

No illusions - Kait's mixtape

David Guetta Ft. Sia
I love the song Titanium because it's not just some high-octane dance song. It's an anthem. And my favourite bit is this line - because when we cut down others in order to validate ourselves we harm ourselves.

And I'm under no illusions that I've not done this, because we all have. It's like some weird survival tactic. Rather than lifting ourselves up we find it easier to tear someone else down - to lay the blame at their feet or belittle them. It's toxic and damaging.

I'm also not under any illusions that everyone is capable of an incredible amount of love and care for others and that nothing lifts us up more than being there for others. That we're each of us as good and kind as we choose to be and we do have the choice.

I don't think of these lyrics as speaking to someone else. I think of them as a reminder and a way to catch myself if I'm ever about to say some disparaging remark.

In Buddhism it's called 'not pointing out other people's broken limbs'. Don't be harshly critical for the sake of feeding your own ego. It's far better to be kind than to be right.

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