Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Every Teardrop - Kait's Mixtape

'Every Teardrop is a Waterfall'
Coldplay is a Marmite band. For those not living in the UK it means people seem to either love them or hate them - there is no in-between.

I used to hate Coldplay. I thought their music was depressing and to me it all sounded exactly the same. I don't know what changed but I think part of it was that I began to pay more attention to the lyrics. In fact, my taste in music shifted considerably when I started listening to lyrics more closely.

For a very long time this song in particular was one of my anthems - meaning it was a song on my OCD playlist that got played every single day and often four or five times in a row each time.

I think the appeal for me is this delightful take on life. The absolute unpredictability of it. Nothing definitive or solid, ever shifting and changing. In the past seven months I've really come to love the idea that there is no hidden meaning to life. There is no big reason for being here and therefore there are no rules about how a life should be lived. 

The universe was born of chaos and the very nature of existence is therefore chaotic and messy. This thrills me rather than terrifies me.

Rather than 'everything happens for a reason' I take the approach that 'everything happens'. Trying to find reason in chaos just causes pain and to be honest, telling someone who has experienced something really traumatic that 'everything happens for a reason' implies that their experience was reasonable.

But life is rather messy and fairness is a human construct, as is dualism and all the lovely 'rules' about what we should or shouldn't do to be 'successful'. 'Should-ing' things in general just causes a lot of trouble.

And that means that none of us is ever 'fixed' with one identity or role because life is not static. There is no pause button on life and it's all just one big circus where anything could happen and probably will. So look for the next hand hold but be just as comfortable holding on as you are flying through the air. 

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