Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Addictive song - Kait's Mixtape

Last summer I discovered a site called StereoMood. The idea is you type your mood into a search bar and it generates a playlist of songs that should suit that mood. The whole thing is a mishmash of songs based on what other people define as 'happy' or 'creative' and as a result I discovered a wide variety of new music. 

At the time the music was definite therapy for me as I was in quite a state due to severe heartbreak and all the general disappointment, hurt and anger that goes along with that. I listened to a wide variety of songs but was seeking out intense music - stuff that matched the extreme emotional swings and roundabouts I was going through. 

This song quickly became one of my favourites. It was a specific remix and the whole thing just fit so damn well with how I was feeling. It's one of those songs that makes me wish I could sing. As it is, I sing along with it anyway. 

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