Thursday, October 17, 2013

Holiday time

Next week I'm off to New York. I'll be spending three days in the Big Apple and the weekend in Rhinebeck, where I'll get to attend a retreat with Pema Chodron.

This year has been particularly full-on for me so I'm taking this time as a break. Unlike my Japan trip which involved much blogging and research for home workers abroad, this trip will be just for me to do as I please with no deadlines or plans or other bits going on.

I've wrapped up a bunch of design contracts this week and made sure all existing clients know that I'm not going to be available for seven days starting on the 21st.

I've also refrained from planning and scheduling blog entries. I'm taking a full-on break and if I know posts are publishing I'll want to share via Twitter and Facebook and I really want this to be a largely technology free break too.

The nature of my job and life is that I spend a good six to ten hours a day staring at some form of glowing screen. I want my time in New York city and state to be time spent experiencing, not scrolling or capturing or noting on.

So - I'm going on holiday. No blog entries next week. No Facebook posts. No tweets. Just me and an adventure in a new city and a chance to meet one of the greatest teachers of my life.

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