Sunday, May 12, 2013

First post from Japan!

I've finally found internet! 

Trees around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo
I had intended to be writing blog entries almost daily during my Japan adventure. Actually, I’ll clarify - I intended to be publishing blog entries almost daily. Since arriving in Japan I have actually written about four blog entires, including what will be a guest entry for the Work From Home Wisdom on adapting to work in another country. Well, it’s proven more difficult than I thought it would be.

Wifi is not nearly so widely available in Tokyo as you would think. Tokyo really does have a reputation for being at the cutting edge of technology so the fact that Wifi is seen as a bit of an anomaly locally took me by surprise. Of course my first two days in Japan have been spent in residence at small ‘seaside’ town called Torami. 

This remote and restful location has helped immensely with jet lag so that today, as I write this (hopefully) first proper blog entry to be published, I am feeling refreshed and even quite energised. 

My Bento box - everything was delicious
I am on a train - a bullet train - from Tokyo to Kyoto. It’s a bright, sunny day, the light glinting off of the incredible glazed tiles of the Japanese houses, rolling green mountains in the distance. Mt. Fuji will soon be on the horizon and I’m contentedly full from my Bento box. 

I’m quite in love with this country. I adore the food - but I would. I’m loving the architecture as well. And the people are wonderful. Extremely courteous and very willing to help. I’m also managing to pick up some Japanese, a point of which I am rather proud but also a bit frustrated. I wish I could be instantly fluent for this is a place I could see myself returning to again and again.

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