Thursday, January 24, 2013

Travel when you're young

Travel when you’re young. Not because you’ll be tied down later in life or because you shouldn’t travel when you’re older. You should travel when you’re older too, if its what you want to do. You should see as much of the world as you can or wish to see regardless of your age. 

The reason I urge you to travel when you’re young is because when you are young there are thousands of offers and deals available to you. 

I was able to go to Australia when I was 19 because I saved like stink and because I got an ‘Under 25’ card that got me a discount on the plane ticket. I was able to come to the UK on a two year visa because I’m ‘under 30’. Not to mention the deals you get if you’ve got a student card (Did I mention how much I LOVE my Central Saint Martins student card?!?). 

You can go to school at any age. 

You can deal with a mortgage later. 

But if you’re under thirty and especially if you’re under twenty-five, travel now. Do it. The world is a big wide place with so much to offer. You will learn more by visiting another country, learning a new language, or discovering a culture different to your own than you will in any classroom. 

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  1. Thanks for the advice! I am seriously considering this.


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