Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's November! Why not write a novel?

It's November! And thanks to Lorca Damon, I've signed myself up to NaNoWriMo. I believe it's called that because typing 'National Novel Writing Month' repeatedly would tire out even the most fastidious of bloggers.

I also realise that National implies it happens in one nation but evidently Amazon has decided that the Internet counts as a nation and therefore anyone on the Interweb, regardless of location, can sign up.

That's right, anyone can sign up. Even you. So - if you've ever wanted to write a novel you can start right now! For the entire month there is a lovely community of people also writing novels that you can tap into for inspiration, support, ideas and motivation.

I have never attempted writing a novel in a single month. Most of my novels have been written over several years, sometimes with months or years of not writing in between starting and finishing. Getting 50,000 words down in just 30 days will be a different challenge for me but one I'm happy to jump on. 

Whether you've written a novel before or not, this is a great opportunity because there are going to be so many others doing the same thing who will be connected to you through the NaNoWriMo website. No excuses - if you've always wanted to write a novel, what's stopping you from signing up and starting right now?


  1. That's Awesome! Best of luck to you! My husband and I are actually going to be collaborating and doing a spinoff where we try to write and illustrate a childrens book in a month. Much less impressive.

    1. Not at all! Very, very impressive. Children's books are extremely challenging to write

  2. I started mine, but have fallen behind. It's definitely harder than I thought!

    I'll probably play catch-up starting tomorrow.

    1. I've found having a two hour commute three days out of the week extremely advantageous. I get a seat on the underground, have my macbook air on my lap, and just write like a fiend the entire time.


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