Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How hard can it be?

I've got a friend who was involved in a community project to save her local library. They were organising a day to rally people around, boost awareness of the services offered and get people to see why their local library is so super awesome.

They put together a variety of activities, from a storytelling corner to a selection of crafts. They wanted a bit more though and it was my friend who asked if anyone knew how to do balloon modelling. After asking around it was determined that this wasn't a talent any of them knowingly possessed so my friend asked herself, "How hard could it be?"

One of her amazing creations! 
She went online and looked up the supplies she'd need and found an ample selection of instructional videos on YouTube. Soon she started posting photos of the most incredible balloon creatures, from turtles to monkeys.

They are absolutely brilliant and I want to thank her for letting me use her story in my blog because what she did is exactly what I like to do and exactly what a lot of people I know like to do but not always what happens. And I don't mean I know a lot of people who want to make balloon animals but that I know a lot of people who want to try something new and different just because.

The difficulty, and the reason why a lot of people don't, is that we can unconsciously believe that something is too difficult or complicated or expensive or challenging. Without even giving it a go, without even looking into it, we can already make up our mind that it's just not going to happen.

This is why I like the fact that she asked herself, "How hard can it be?"

She didn't decide, because no one she'd asked said they could do it, that it was something to write off as undoable. She figured that it was worth finding out. 

When I wanted to learn something when I was a kid I'd write it down and when I got to go to the library next (This is why libraries deserve to be saved) I'd find out about it. In 2012 the library is still a brilliant resource but we now also have YouTube, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Linda and so many more resources literally at our fingertips. Type in a question and you can find an answer.

But if you don't ask you'll never know which is why it's totally worth remembering to say, "How hard can it be?"


  1. Oh that balloon monkey is adorable! I totally agree with the sentiment. I had wanted to dance for just as long as I can remember but always found a reason not to - primary one being that it would be too hard. Well I summoned up the courage and you know what, it isn't too hard and everyone is a beginner at some point. Fast forward 8 years and I now do about 6 styles. Never limit yourself by thinking it is too hard if you haven't tried.

  2. I'm super impressed with her balloon monkey. You can find out how to do just about anything on you tube. It's amazing.


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