Monday, June 11, 2012

Fabulous shoes!

Summer is upon us! Although, as I am quickly learning, 'Summer' is only a loose concept in the UK. There are moments of absolutely glorious warmth and intense humidity which could fool a person into believing they are living somewhere tropical. These can last for a few days or even a few weeks, lulling Londoners into thinking it's safe to put away their woolens and pull out all their shorts. 

But give it a few days and then there is rain. Then there is not rain but a lot of wind. Then there is a day of not a lot of rain or wind but a bit of threatening rain and a lot of cloud cover. Fortunately, as a Canadian, I have a thing for weird weather and discussing how absolutely strange it can be. 

But I digress. This post is not about something so boring as weather - or interesting as weather depending on who you're talking to about it. 

This post is about SHOES! Because, when the Summer comes, even if it's tepid or rather unsummery, I like to get a new pair of canvas shoes and make them lovely. The last pair I did for myself are nearly two years old now and anyone who wears canvas sneakers knows, canvas sneakers are not built to last. My old pair are on their last legs, erm, soles. They've cracked and torn and are rapidly becoming less usable as footwear. The final breaking point was a few weeks ago when I went to put them on the  shoe lace on the left one snapped. Now, I know I could just get a new set of laces. That would be sensible, but have you ever noticed how sad new laces look in old shoes? They're just too bright and clean against a pair of shoes which have had their day. 

So I let them go, as we must learn to let go of many things in life, and got not one pair of new canvas sneakers, but two! Two glorious pairs to customise to my heart's content. And customise I have. 

In celebration of Summer, I am happy to present my latest Canvas Shoe Creations
'Slice of Life' & 'Calligraphy' 

 'Slice of Life'


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