Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lightbox Shenanigans!

Two years ago my dad and I built a lightbox for me to use for animating. I used it a few times but was so focused on my Tarot Series that it mostly just sat there, awaiting a time when I was ready to give my time to making a new animation. I wasn't worried because I knew it would come with me to London and soon enough, I'd be at it again. 

I brought my lightbox to London with me and after just a few weeks I pulled it out to muck about. I plugged it in to a North American power bar plugged into a converter and set to work. 

First there was a smell - a bad and familiar electric-something-burning sort of smell. Then the box popped - or rather, the lightbulbs inside the box popped. They fizzed and went out. 

I checked the chord. I checked the socket. I checked the converter. I wasn't sure what had fizzled out. 

After more checking I determined the problems:

1. The converter did nothing to convert the wattage - which was what had blown the bulb. 
2. The bulbs in the UK wouldn't fit in the sockets I had in the lightbox. 

For the next two years my lightbox sat untouched, unused and relatively lonely - other than when one of my cats would get into my wardrobe and curl up next to it. 

But then! 

The other day I went on a shopping excursion with the intention of getting something which would work as a suitable desk. Remember my blog entry about expectations? If you haven't read it you can go do that now. 

I am a total planner and I tend to get it stuck into my head when I've planned something that it must get done. If it's written in my agenda it's like it's written in stone: "This WILL happen" 

But flexibility is important. When we focus too much on one single thing, one end goal, we tend to not see the other opportunities around us. For this reason I do my best to keep an open mind. I make sure my imagination is going and I pay attention to those thoughts that might be in the back of my head. 

So when I noticed some nice flat LED lights I suddenly thought of my poor, neglected lightbox. 

By the end of the day, with a little help from Delirium Naughty-Pants and my lovely Sprout (My partner and I don't like the word 'Spouse' - mostly because Sprout is clearly more fun.) I had a fully functioning light box! 

Ta Da!!!!

Want to learn how to animate? Been putting it off for a long time? 
Together we can develop a plan of action so you can learn a new skill and start sharing that creative spark! 

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