Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sneakers are for Sneaking

Custom Shoes!

Remember in the nineties when you could buy those really cheap little canvas shoes all over the place? I remember my mum getting them for my birthday one year. She bought tons of fabric paints too and everyone who came over got a pair of shoes and was given free reign to decorate them.

Apparently this stuck.

I made my first pair of rainbow shoes the year after I graduated high school. They lasted several years, traveling with me all the way to Australia where I left them, having lost the soles to hundreds of long walks.

I had a pair I swapped with a best friend. She decorated a pair for me, I did the same for her. Those ones were sparkle-Fantastic.

As with any of my artwork, I prefer not to mass-produce anything prior but to create something unique for the indidivual. They give me inspiration for a design based on what they request. The latest pair I did are the DJ shoes for a good friend of mine. Without Custom Laces I charge $50/pair.

Contact me at or check out my listing on to place an order for your own pair of Custom Canvas Shoes.

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