Tuesday, April 7, 2015

London Journal - Stomping around Shoreditch

I love going to Shoreditch. There's always so much street art to be found. Usually I wander about aimlessly, collecting photos of pieces down the various streets I take, but on my last visit to the area I discovered the jackpot along a single street, Hanbury.

I could hardly walk four steps without spotting another fantastic piece of art across the side of a building or on a gate or door.
Bottle lid silhouette. 

I feel like the tagging done over this lion actually really works somehow.
Urban jungle...

One of my favourite street artists!
Don't know who it is but I love their work. 

Stunning level of detail. 

Banksy inspired on the right?
I don't think it's an actual Banksy. 


These were very small and hardly noticeable. 

Also small and easily missed. 

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