Thursday, October 23, 2014

Art, art, art... - Berlin journal

My time in Berlin was largely spent in museums. We went to the Pergamon, the Altes, the Neues, Topography of Terror, Deutsches Historisches museum and the Gemaldegalerie. Never mind that the city itself is a historic lesson as bullet riddled buildings and statues as well as chunks of the Wall are to be found in every area. 

I absorbed so much while I was there and am still processing a lot of it. The museums are immense and the collections varied. I could share so much of the art I found there but have selected a few of the things which stopped my mind. 

A bust of Athena.
This was stunning to look at and I marvelled at it for quite a while. 

I looked at this in passing at first. My travel companion,
a history master specializing in Greek history, then explained to me that
this was a representation of the perfect male form according to the Greeks.
This set the first impossible standard of beauty.
Throughout the rest of my time in Berlin I saw how this form influenced so many statues
and sculptures throughout the city. 

This is a ceiling made of wood.
I could have lain on the floor and stared at it for hours. 

I first discovered Carlo Crivelli at the National Gallery, London.
I love the intensity of his paintings - the hyper realism and expressiveness of the people in them.
I also love finding the strange little additions he included in his work.
Can you find the pickle? 

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