Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More glorious wings!

I'm more often than not a starving artist - which means I generally can't afford all the really awesome stuff I'd buy for people if I had more money than I knew what to do with. 
The thing with gifts is, I'd rather not get someone anything at all if I can't get them something meaningful. And if the most significant or meaningful thing I can think of for them is out of my budget it means I don't get them anything...

But sometimes I realise I can make them something just as fabulous - if not more so - purely for the joy of it. 

This is one of those things. 
A work colleague celebrated their first full year at work and it sort of slipped by because so much as been going on in the office. But then I thought of just the thing that would bring her joy and be a very suitable gift. 

I sketched these out based on a Monarch Butterfly wing. 
The cutting is really the most challenging part.
The three layers of card are so difficult to cut through
that my hand just ends up aching by the end.
I recommend wearing a glove! 

Glued down to the cellophane. I left them overnight with
books piled on top to really flatten them out and let the glue harden. 

Cut them out the next day! 

And then glued the wings together using some scrap bits of the
card stock and put looped elastics through to make them wearable.

A bit of animal testing to make sure they work... 
One happy fairy!!! 

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