Tuesday, June 24, 2014


My artistic endeavours are wide spread. I work across multiple mediums to my heart's content - creating what I like with any material I feel suits. 

Arnaldo Pomodoro

As of late most of my art has been in the 2 dimensional realm - drawings, paintings, sketches. 
Such things are challenging for me and whilst I know I'm talented, I have always felt I've had to work extra hard to have the same quality of 2D work that I admire in other artists. 

Henry Moore

It's in the 3D - the sculpting and working of shapes with my hands - that I've always felt most at home. I don't know what it is but I can just see the shapes in things and know exactly what to do to mould them how I want. 

Maria Pizzuti
One of the things on my Life Long List of Everything I Ever Want to Do is to create a large-scale sculpture. Every time I encounter one in a public space I feel this intense tug in my heart. I long to know how to cast the large shapes in my mind into glorious structures that can be admired in a park or on a campus. 

Barry Flanagan
As of yet the opportunity has not been one I've been able to make. I am always looking for it, though, and in the mean time I continue to capture images for inspiration and motivation. 

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