Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fun with Henna!

So I went around to a friend's house on the weekend and they had a load of henna. They asked me if I wanted to play with it. I have played with it before, when I was a kid my mum got some and we took turns doing intricate designs on each other. I know I've used it one or two times since but not in ages. 

It was super fun. There were three shades for me to work with. I did a little text on my own arm and then dove in on free-handing some 'tats' for my mate. He loved the final result. I'm most pleased with the octopus. 

Inspired by the classic swallow tattoo

This bit was my own design, just for the fun of it.
He did request the butterfly though. 

Eight legs is a lot! 

The result of my own initial dabbling, once I'd washed the henna off. 

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